Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recipe Review & A Cook Book

I did a recipe review for  'The Daily Meal'  : cook book, 'The food 52 Cookbook, Volume 2'. Thank you,  the daily meal and Rosen Ali for the opportunity. There were three recipes that were up for review. Roasted Cauliflower with Gremolata and Breadcrumbs, Short Rib Rag├╣, and Burnt Caramel Pudding. 

Cauliflower is not a favorite  in our household, and am always looking for new ways of cooking it. The reason - it has a long shelf life, ya ! you read that right,   don't get me wrong, I love going to the grocery store but not in the cold winter months and cauliflower is my standby, when am out of everything, well almost. Shockingly, the week I made this dish for the review and the following weeks, cauliflower has been elevated from a standby player in my kitchen to a star player. "Finally teen" with a frown and my other half - who has always had a dull look on his face when cauliflower is the main at a meal, have welcomed this with - "ah ! this is really nice" and "can we have it again" I have yet to try this at a potluck - it's so easy that it will be almost a sin if I don't.  Am sure it will soon be my go-to dish for potlucks. 

It has a nice crunch from the breadcrumbs and I love the flavor of garlic, serve it with your favorite soup and some homemade bread and you got a meal going. A bit of chili oil really kicks it to the next level. 

Being a vegetarian, ragu was not on my review list. But I'm kicking myself for not trying the burnt caramel pudding. Well for my review of the cauliflower and the reviews of the pudding and the ragu click here 

Thanks to Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, from food52, for picking three amazing recipes. Looking forward to more in the bookHope you like the video, do let us know if you have any inputs or book you want to recommend for a review. 

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  1. I love cauliflower.. right from the typical aloo-matar-gobi/ gobi fry to some fancy roasted cauliflower salads :)
    This is a lovely dish that u have reviewed and prepared, I like that crumb:))

  2. What an awesome opportunity! I remember hating cauliflower as a child. Thank goodness for outgrowing childhood peculiarities! Roasted anything is almost always better in my book. The burnt caramel pudding? I'd be afraid to make it as I may not be willing to share!

  3. Beautiful nowadays cauliflower is staple in my house.

  4. That burnt caramel pudding sounds like heaven ...
    Since chilhood days I love cauliflower and glad that it has gained good response in your kitchen :-)

  5. Lovely review!!! I love cauliflower to bits!! It's there on the dining table at least once a week

  6. Cauliflower is a must if i go to farmer's market, never fail to pick them.Love it.Pudding sounds fabulous.

  7. wonderful review... and fabulous recipe using cauliflower... delicious..


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