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Pumpkin and fenugreek flatbread/Paratha with pomegranate in yogurt raita

Parathas always take me back in time, when I lived in Delhi. Anyone who has ever lived or visited Delhi will know about the famous 'Gali paranthe Wali' or ' Parathe Wali Gali' in Chandni  chowk. The world's best place for stuffed Indian flat bread...hands down! I don't think there is any other place that can be a close contender.  I do not recommend you to peak into the kitchen...lol don't ask why ! But you got to eat there with your eyes focusing on just the food, not the kitchen....and yes if you do have a sensitive digestive system....let's say your palette will thank you but I don't guarantee anything else. I have never had issues eating there, but you make your call.  Most of the stores only serve vegetarian parathas not even onion and garlic. Big history for a small narrow gali (lane) . Chandni chowk dates back to Shah Jahan era (1670), the first paratha shop in the gali was opened in 1870. Till date the parathas are shallow fried in pure ghee. Some of the recipes dates back to a century - that is what I have been told. You will find all kinds of filling - from cashew n almonds to the more common potatoes. I do recollect Anthony Bourdain feasting on some of the parathas @ CC, then again am not sure, maybe it was Rajasthan. Anyway Paratha gali is surely a haven for paratha lovers with some history .....

While this one is an original from my kitchen, I could not help but think about the paratha gali and different exotic parathas they serve there. Flaky, juicy and full of flavors.  The sweetness and mushiness of pumkin with the mild bitterness and crunchiness of fenugreek leaves and the spices makes this a perfect combination.  I went a little easy on the ghee, but if you don't believe in the philosophy of less is more....go for it!!It's worth the extra calorie :)) 
Indian Pumpkin is a bit different that the ones you get here in North America.  The Indian pumpkin is more mushy and pasty.  I have  rediscovered this fruit ( ya ! it is a fruit, I googled it ), I did not know that it is such a versatile fruit and you can do so much with it. I don't think we have many recipes, especially desserts in India that are made from pumpkin, then again I might be wrong and correct me if I am.  I think am beginning to love this fruit and what I can create with it, let's say it is in my list of favorites. :))

4 cups whole wheat flour 
1 cup cooked mashed pumpkin
1/2 cup dried fenugreek leaves or 1/2 cup semi cooked fenugreek leaves
1 or 2 green chili finely chopped

spice blend
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
salt to taste

1 tsp roasted sesame powder
1 tsp roasted peanut powder.

water for mixing
ghee for shallow frying
butter to serve with

Mix the flour, pumpkin, fenugreek leaves, green chili, powders and water and mix into a fine smooth dough. Take a small ball and roll it into a flat disc, heat the griddle, roast the paratha on both sides, add a dollop of ghee and let the paratha roast in the ghee, serve hot with yogurt or raita. 

This paratha pairs very well with pomegranate raita.
3 cups of thick yogurt whipped
1/4 tsp sugar
spice blend
1 tsp powdered cumin 
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp dried mint leaves powder
salt to tatse
 1 large pomegranate pealed 

Whip the yogurt with the spice blend, add the pomegranate. Serve chilled with hot parathas. 

I love the raita, I can make the raita into a meal. This is a combo to die for...and as I write this post am tempted to make this again for lunch, the pictures are from last week's brunch. What are some of your favorite food combos? 

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  1. I think you should teach cooking classes! I would love to learn how to make delicious Indian food from you! These look awesome!

  2. You are right, sweet pumpkin and bitter fenugreek leaves marry well together. Partha looks delicious.

  3. Like both the preparations... they also compliment each other!

  4. These parathas look so delicious. Great photography!

  5. Wat an excellent combo,pumpkin and fenugreek leaves, mindblowing parathas.

  6. Wonderful & healthy parathas, I miss parathe wali gali... there seems to be a hotel now too with this name serving parathas in delhi

    Blog - http://shwetainthekitchen.blogspot.com/
    Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/ShwetaintheKitchen

  7. Hey Simi, prepared the parathas with the dry fenugreek leaves over the weekend! Loved it! But my li'l one says she is gonna like 'em one of these days ;) so will be preparing again soon!



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