Thursday, April 11, 2013

Phyllo savory pastry

I had written up a post yesterday, all I had to do was upload the pictures and hit publish...but...if only things are as predictable. Hmmm.... Last night before going to bed, I was reading about feedburner and mail subscriptions etc... somehow I ended up reading about other bloggers ranting about the demise of google reader. Ya! I know we have been reading a lot on that. Well, I ended up checking my subscribers.... and :( ! It's really my turn to rant now.... I am aware that my 341 is probably a trickle in the big picture....and life does go on, but ....!! Well, for the record I did have nightmares about the 341 people knocking on my front door asking me for an explanation ....and me, hiding behind my wicker chair. There was no logical ending to the the morning I woke up repeating 341 multiple times in my head ! A cup of coffee and I was a happy camper ! 

Now, am not going to reinvent the wheel, not that am capable off. Before, I pour and entangle myself into endless tech website ...and end up with more nightmares. If anyone of you know what to do, or if you are doing/done a blog post on this, please leave me a link. Any advice is welcome, pl don't tell me to read up on it ! And if you are one of the 341 - we need to fix this, I really need some inputs..plzz!

Phew! with that out of my way, am glad to be back to something I understand and love doing .....Since some of you have asked me to post the recipe after reading this post. Here it is ......the pastry  is absolutely delicious and we loved it....hmm! am not sure if my other half got to taste it :( ! I planned a very small batch and we kind of, did a lot of tasting to perfect it ;) The pictures are a bit blah! It was just one of those days when my creative juices were sucked by the black hole.

I had a small argument will finally teen, I thought Parmesan pairs very well in this dish...however, finally teen prefers feta and ricotta, reminding her of the traditional spanakopita pastry. So, it's absolutely your call and your taste buds that you are answerable too. And btw, finally teen was asking me if anyone has asked about her....have not mentioned her on the blog in a while! ;) She has gotten over the British ascent and her 'thing' for now is operas and classical music ...endless hours of's truly endless. My evenings are spent, watching the IPL ( cricket) with my other half or listening to soprano if am baking more than my usual, you know where that is coming from.

phyllo sheets cut into 4 by 4 square ( about 4-5 sheets)
4 tbsp butter melted
1 egg beaten

1 cup asparagus finely chopped
2 cups fresh spinach coarsely chopped

1/2 cup or more  of grated cheese of your choice

spice blend
1/2 tsp paprika
salt to taste

preheat oven to 350

In a pan sauté the asparagus in butter, add the spinach, salt and paprika - sauté till all the water is evaporated and the spinach is cooked. Keep aside. Add the feta, if that is the cheese you are going with.  If you want a gooey mix, make some roux and mix it with the spinach.

For the roux - roast 1 tbsp all purpose in 1 tbsp butter till it is a little golden add milk or water and let it thicken, add the spinach mix to this - this is optional.

Make sure you have thawed the pastry sheets, it's rather delicate.

 Remove one sheet at a time and brush it with butter followed by egg. Lay the sheets one on top of the other till you have about 5-6 sheets.

Delicately lifted the 4X4 buttered sheets and place it in a cup cake mold, ( no need to grease the pan) pressing it down to take shape.  ...I wish i had pictures at this camera was out of charge and ...! moving on...

Bake till it is 3/4 done this will take about 7-10 min. Remove, add the spinach mix, top it with cheese bake for another 3- 4 min.

I had to add grated cheese for the pictures,  serve warm !

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