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 I tend to have a bad habit of writing recipes on scraps of paper and then I lose it. So, this post is really for me, to document this recipe before I loose it.  I was talking to my aunt the other day and she passed on this recipe. I had different plan for the day, I had a pile of laundry, a messy closet and a lot more on my hands. Things changed quickly...a small voice in my head was instructing me. Before I knew it, I was bending over trying to create perfect circular chakli. I LOVED this recipe and the outcome. If you make chakli at home, I highly recommend you to bookmark this, you will be very happy you did so. I know I have posted a chakli recipe before, but this is completely different recipe and I find this one much easier.  

1 cup mung dal/ green gram split without skin, boiled
4 cups rice flour 
3 tbsp hot oil
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp sesame seed 
pinch asafetida
salt to taste

oil to deep fry.

You will need a chakli maker. For more info click here 

Cook the dal with very less water, till it is mushy, let it cool a bit, when it is still warm add the rice flour, with all the spices, 3 tbsp hot oil, salt and mix well, the dal should blend in. Kneed till smooth.

Heat oil.

Place the dough in the chakli maker with the chalki disc and dispense it in a circular pattern on the back side of a plate. Repeat till you have about 4-6 chakli ready.

Keep the oil on medium high and drop the chalki in oil one at a time, make sure you drop it from the side hence avoiding oil to splash. In a couple of min turn side, fry till golden brown. Repeat till you have finished the dough/

Let it cool and store in airtight container. 

Chakli truble-shooting 

If the end result is too hard :  add a little bit of hot oil and water and loosen the dough.
If the chakli is not forming (shape) :  add some rice flour and a drop or two of water, remix. 
If the chakli is disintegrating in oil : you have added too much oil and need to add a bit of the daal and the rice flour to balance the oil.  
If you are having a hard time using the chakli mould as the dough is tight : add water and oil to loosen it up.

Change the disc and you got thengol. By the time I took the pictures of thengol, I was stuffed and ran out of patience, don't have anymore pictures to share. 

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  1. Very tasty and crunchy looking chaklis. Pics are simply awesome.

  2. This looks great, can feel the crunch from the lovely pics.

  3. The ridges and stacks, all so yummy. Can I have one...have no enthu to go make em":)..

  4. Oh dear those pics are just amazing! Stunning - absolutely.
    So does the daal make the difference? In Maharashtrian households, we make chakli from what we call "bhajani" - which is a mix of several daals roasted and then ground. Also has some rice. The south indian varieties are made from rice predominantly - and I love that flavor - more so than bhajani - or maybe equally as much :)
    You have accelerated Diwali.. I can't wait!!

  5. Wow!I can feel that crunch!! Awesomeness!

  6. Awesome clicks, never tried this with mung dal, used urad dal or roasted gram. Wud try for sure :)

  7. I am addicted to these so stopped buying from the stores. Too bad I can't make them since I don't own aany makers.

  8. I haven't had these in a long long time..I also wanted to make them but got lazy...i dont like the store bought ones either... your post has motivated me...i should try it out soon...Loved the stack :)
    Shema | LifeScoops

  9. We call this muchcher :-).



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