Monday, September 16, 2013

Kale and fruit juice blend

We are back to a Monday! Is it me or the pace of time just got faster.  I really wish I could hold on to time, I am impatient to do so much and am always behind. A lot of last week was spent on a liberating exercise of rejuvenating my creative energy. I absolutely enjoyed reading an e-book Sharp Shooter by Martin Bailey, am amazing photographer. I must confess that at one time I did coil myself into a mess of numbers. The science behind razor sharp images. Thanks to my better half, I did uncoil myself to some extent. Am, not really done with the book and have a couple of pages left, and may have to re-read portions. I like books that challenge me and this one certainly did.  I am compiling a list of my favorite bloggers/photographers, so a lot of time was spent, going around blogs and photography sites. If you guys have any recommendations, that would be awesome. There is so much talent and inspiration out there, it is just an amazing world. I feel so energized, you can see the halo of creativity around me. LOL! Some of these artist are just amazing and absolutely mind blowing work.Do you guys want me to share the list ? Should I do it in a post or just the side-bar of TNS.

These photographs are from my archives, but. The morning sun was so beautiful and I was having my kale and fruit juice blend, I was itching to use the camera and I did :). I love the play of light in the photograph, if I may say so myself. Had to share it today and not have it sit in the archives. Am also going to work on a dessert after I am done posting this. Can't wait to create it and then style it, have so many ideas, either am going to overwhelm myself and mess it up or its going to be a liberating exercise. Let's see how that goes :))

Thank you for all the great comments on last week's post . Am so glad that you guys actually read what I write and encourage me to prattle more ;-).

This kale and fruit juice blend is really simple and something you can whip up on a busy Monday morning.

Handful of kale leaves
handful of watermelon ( I had kept some scrap pieces)
1 green apple
1/2 inch ginger
1/2 juice of lime
pinch of salt
honey ( optional - I did not use honey)
1/2 chaat masala (optional)

A friend called me and asked me which blender I use and I also got a comment asking me about the blender, it's a simple no fuss kenmore blender. ( and NO this is not a sponsored post)

Juice the above in a juicer, or just blend in a blender. If you like your juice with pulp, just pour it in a glass and drink or if you are like me, who does not like veggie juice with pulp. Strain the juice and enjoy. I loved the ginger taste, adds a kick, now I do add chaat masala to this but not in the mornings.

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