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Baked Aubergine

#BakedAubergine #BakedBrinjal  #BAkedSpicyBrinjal  #BakedPasta  #BAked VEggiePasta

#BakedAubergine #BakedBrinjal  #BAkedSpicyBrinjal  #BakedPasta  #BAked VEggiePasta

Aubergine or eggplant, remind me of my childhood. I have loved roasted eggplant  (baigan ka bharta) with my rotis. Coming back from school on cold winter afternoons, baigan ka bharta and hot rotis was a treat that I would not miss. The smell of wheat roasting on the girdle is still fresh in my mind. The charm to sit on the kitchen ledge, feet dangling, with fresh food and stories to share...is probably my most cherished memory from childhood. Every time I go back, I try to re-live that moment...it's not half as magical as then. Homework was never my priority, it was eating lunch, narrating my stories to mom and then running off to Parul's house. Sunset was like a silent bell that beckoned me to get home. Almost always, before dad could get home...and then the realization of reality aka homework.

Finally teen is not crazy about  baigan ka bharta, however this is one of her favorites. I really don't blame her, if I were given a choice between the two, even thou am a die hard bharta fan, it would be very hard for me to pick one. You could just roast the eggplant without dunking it in pasta sauce, or cook in the pasta sauce. I occasionally break an egg on the roasted eggplant and boy! that's awesome too.

The other half of the eggplant ( see picture below), I did break an egg to take a photograph, it was 2 in the afternoon, I was very hungry, it looked so good that I just ate it ! Most of us bloggers eat what we cook and sometimes we eat our subjects even before they see light of a lens lol! Lesson : never photograph food when you are starving.

#BakedAubergine #BakedBrinjal  #BAkedSpicyBrinjal  #BakedPasta  #BAked VEggiePasta

As thou compensating for the eaten aubergine, I took some shots of the ingredients, again the eggplant is missing in the shot and that is the hero of this post. ;)

#BakedAubergine #BakedBrinjal  #BAkedSpicyBrinjal  #BakedPasta  #BAked VEggiePasta

1 or 2 medium to small eggplant
1 -2 pod of garlic
1/2 cup pasta
1 cup pasta sauce
1 cup of spinach, fennel, cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped
some scraped grana padano cheese ( you can also use parmigiana reggiano)
6 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste
fresh or dried basil for flavoring
red chili flake to taste
use fennel leaves for garnish

Pre heat over to 400F . Cut the eggplant in two equal half, length wise, scoop the insides, rub olive oil all around and roast in over for 15-20 min. The time really depends on how tender the eggplant is, so please keep monitoring it, you do not want to over roast, is should be almost 3/4 th roasted. Oops forgot, add the scooped up eggplant to be roasted too.

Cook pasta, according to packet instructions, keep aside. Heat skillet, add crushed garlic, chili powder, veggies, pasta sauce, and the roasted scooped up eggplant, add pasta.

Remove the roasted eggplant, add pasta to a skillet which is oven proof ( optional). Fill the eggplant with the pasta, place it gently on the skillet and bake for 20 min on  375, till the eggplant os tender and done. grate cheese and serve hot.

#BakedAubergine #BakedBrinjal  #BAkedSpicyBrinjal  #BakedPasta  #BAked VEggiePasta

Since I noticed some space on this post, am re-posting with some sunset clicks. I wonder how I got this space...am done with figuring out tech issues, so might as well add some pretty picture.


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Is't nature amazing, everyday the light is different, the colors the hues...I love capturing sunshine, be it a sunrise or a sunset. I don't think I can ever do justice with the photographs, I don't think I can ever stop trying :) Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Looks delicious.. I love aubergines :)

  2. Loved that aubergine portfolio picture. Will make any good aubergine feel proud. The idea of stuffing and baking seems very inviting. Shall give it a try when i have company

  3. Love the idea of stuffed aubergines. Looks so yum with all beautiful photos :)

  4. Looks finger licking deelliicciioouuss !

  5. Looks delicious. I was never a fan of eggplant as a child but I'm a big fan of it now. Still, I don't eat enough of it. I like this idea of stuffing them with more deliciousness.

  6. Looks delicious..wonderful clicks as always :)

  7. Absolutely lovely! Aubergines are my favorite vegetable and I love the combination of flavors and presentation. Beautiful!

  8. Pinned it the moment I saw this, love the flavors and very inventive dish. Love how it looks.
    Growing up, bhartha was not my favorite but chopped or anything else was good, so I'm sure your teen loves this.
    The sky pictures are dreamy Simi.


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