Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almond Butter

#AlmondButter #HomeMadeNutButter #HealthyNutButterRecipe
#AlmondButter #HomeMadeNutButter #HealthyNutButterRecipe
I feel like a million bucks today, I have been playing with almond butter and trying to photography it since morning…I know a lot of you might wonder,  there is no major styling, nothing fancy, what is the fuss all about. First of all it’s a rich texture and oily…all the nasty reflections, then the whites were not  white, in simpler words the white balance was off and I was getting all kinds of color cast…finally I got it ( I hope). I really hope my better half does not read this post, I think it is karma getting back at me, remember how I ranted in my last post about ‘him’ using auto WB. (looks sheepishly at her key board) 

A little honey and this could be easily transformed into a meal ;).  I love almonds and use almond butter regularly in my smoothies, baking and even in my curries. I usually do not make a whole lot, a cup usually lasts me a fortnight. The reason why  I am doing a separate post on almond butter, it’s easier to tag in the recipes. It’s a great option for vegan baking/cooking.  

#AlmondButter #HomeMadeNutButter #HealthyNutButterRecipe

1 cup whole almonds (with skin)
1 tbsp or more of almond oil OR
1-2 tbsp honey

In a food processor or a blender ( I use vitamix) blend the almonds, slow speed then finally increasing to fast. Stage 1:  it will become like an almond meal, keep blending and eventually the oils from the almonds starts working. Stage 2: bit lumpy and oily,  I wanted to ease the process a bit so I added a tbsp of almond oil at this stage ( this is optional).  Stage 3 Eventually it will become buttery as the oils keep secreting. Keep stirring every 20 seconds or so,  blend till you get a smooth buttery consistency. You could add the honey for a sweet taste, instead of the oil. It took me at least 8 minutes in my vitamix. I am not sure about the time in a food processor. It does harden a bit when you refrigerate. Undoubtedly healthy, specially for kids. 

#AlmondButter #HomeMadeNutButter #HealthyNutButterRecipe

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