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Culinary Optics - My monthly column on The Daily Meal

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I was absolutely thrilled to get an opportunity to write a photography column for The Daily Meal. I call it ‘Culinary Optics’, and as the name suggests, it’s all about food and the art of capturing food, a topic very close to my heart. It’s a monthly column and I am counting on you guys to help me shape it, so please leave me comments, criticism and reactions. It’s going to help me a lot.

This month I’m featuring Ilva Berretta. Her work is an inspiration and to say that her rendition of styling is out of the box is an understatement  - she always baffles me with her creativity and I often wonder how her mind works so uniquely. 

Trying to decode her creativity, here is a teaser. Read the complete article here.

An excerpt from the write-up…

Ilva “Three words that means a lot to me as a photographer: growth, light, and harmony. Growth is very important to me, both as a person and as a photographer, I always try to evolve, to grow and get better, to try new ways and never sit back and feel complaisant about what I am doing but to move onwards and to challenge myself to do better. I am obsessed by light and I think it can be seen in my photos, light is so beautiful, be it strong or subtle. I also strive for creating images filled with harmony of some sort, the actual act of creating a photo is one of harmony to me, it is like a visual puzzle, all things has to fall into place and then I can feel in the pit of my stomach that the photo is right

 Ilva: “People often ask me about which is the best lens to shoot food with, I prefer the prime lenses I mentioned above because in my opinion they are better for shooting food and still lifes but I think it is a matter of personal taste, whatever feels good to you and is within your price range. If you are doing it as a hobby you can usually use what you have, when you start selling your photos you may need to upgrade.

Ilva "Think of how you want the light to fall and how much of it you want, use reflectors to accentuate and lighten dark parts or the food you are shooting or screens to reduce lights and scrims to diffuse harsh light. Play around with the camera a bit, try different angles and go closer if you are not satisfied with how it looks, it usually helps.

I am tempted to share a lot more, but this is just a teaser. Again, to read the whole write up click on this link.

You can view Ilva’s work at ‘Plated Stories’. It’s a blog with  Ilva’s visual creation and Jamie Schler’s writing - if you are a regular at the blog you will know it’s a beautiful harmony between the pictures and writing. If you have not been there, you’ve been missing something. It’s the Winner of IACPs Best Photo Based Culinary Blog Award 2014.  You can view Ilva’s portfolio here.  Ilva  and Jamie are hosting a food photography workshop, click here for all the details - the venue is absolutely magical.

With this visual treat, I leave you to gawk at the images and enjoy unleashing your own creative potential, hope you guys have a great weekend and please don’t forget to leave me some feedback. 

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  1. Congrats on your column. I am always in awe of the beauty of your shots and it is wonderful that The Daily Meal is capturing your talents to share with others!!!

    1. Thanks Betsy, you are so supportive of everything I do, I really appreciate this. Thanks for the kinds words and the share on google plus. Am so excited about this and at the same time overwhelmed with all the love.

  2. Congratulations on the column and you couldn't have chosen better than to feature Ilva. As well as I know Ilva and her work, her photos never cease to amaze me.... I am newly astonished and blown away with each one. Working with her is not only fun it is creatively inspiring and makes me push myself to write as well as she shoots.

    1. Thanks Jamie, I agree with you, Ilva’s work is indeed inspirational. Thanks for touting my most on FB.


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