Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spiced Butter Milk - Chaas

#YogurtDrink #Buttermilk #SpicedButterMilk #Chaas #SaltedLassi #HowToPreserveCurryLeaf #CurryLeafPowder
#YogurtDrink #Buttermilk #SpicedButterMilk #Chaas #SaltedLassi #HowToPreserveCurryLeaf #CurryLeafPowder

Thanks a lot for all the encouraging comments, re-shares on Fb and google plus. If you don’t know what am talking about, you can read this. I was really touched. Thanks guys! Virtual hug.

Last week was the week of spring break and we took couple of days off, a very relaxing vacation. It’s amazing how we take ourselves for granted and work like crazy, till we take a break and realize how badly we needed one.  The two days were spent lazing around with magazines, searching for inspiration. And I think I got more than what I asked for. Sometimes it baffles me how talented people can be, so creative, bursting with ideas and inspiring…all at the same time. I wish one day I can create that kind of magic.

Chaas or spiced butter milk is a staple beverage in our house, it is ALWAYS there, specially in the summer months and is often substituted as water. The health benefits are immense, it is great for digestion, keeps you hydrated and the goodness of curry leaf, cumin and ginger cannot be undermined. What prompted this post was a query on Fb regarding storing and using curry leaves. What I do is wash the curry leaves, dry them on a towel overnite and leave them to air dry, when they become completely dry ( crunchy to touch) I blend them into a fine powder and sieve and store in airtight container, they are good for a couple of month and then they start loosing their aroma. If they do not dry well, slow roast them on a pan, cool then powder it.  They can be used for for daal, rasam, splice blends and a lot more. I have even tried it in dessert, recipe coming soon.

Curry leaf should not be confused with curry powder. Curry leaf is a herb used  in south Indian cooking. It’s said to be a high source of Iron. Am not a nutritionist, but have always heard my mother say it’s rich in iron and good for my liver, eat it up. It’s very aromatic and a small amount goes a long way, specially if you have powdered it.

#YogurtDrink #Buttermilk #SpicedButterMilk #Chaas #SaltedLassi #HowToPreserveCurryLeaf #CurryLeafPowder

1 cup thick home made yogurt ( probiotic, is always good for you)
2 cups cold water
1 tbsp roasted cumin powder
1 tsp curry leaf powder
1/2 − 1 tsp of ginger juice ( grate it and squeeze)
salt to tatest

Whip all of them, refrigerate and stir before drinking. It’s a great drink to serve with an Indian meal.

#YogurtDrink #Buttermilk #SpicedButterMilk #Chaas #SaltedLassi #HowToPreserveCurryLeaf #CurryLeafPowder

#YogurtDrink #Buttermilk #SpicedButterMilk #Chaas #SaltedLassi #HowToPreserveCurryLeaf #CurryLeafPowder

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