Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cherry n Ginger Sorbet

#CherryGingerSorbet, #CherrySorbet, #SorbetFromScratch
I just love this time of the year, perfect nippy mornings and cool afternoons, the birds chirping and the trees waiting to sprout the greens, the snow the blizzards and the sub zeros are finally behind us. I can’t wait for the cherry blossom to start booming and fill the air. I feel like a child who is just going to be awarded a big cup cake… love the cool spring breeze in my hair and those bare toes against the cold grass…if I can hold back time, this would be that moment. As I grow older, I have learnt to slow down and enjoy the little things, back then….all I remember of spring is my parents planning the garden. Meticulous planning with multiple trips to the nursery. I would only be allowed to water the saplings under close supervision of my dad’s hawk eyes. It was a chore I was proud of, and as as the slapping grew and bloomed, it would give me so much happiness.  Those little moments, become so precious and cherished. Looking back, is always a mixed feelings, I can’t believe that I refer to it in the past, it was just yesterday that I had drenched my dad with the hose and my mother was giving me ’the look’ through the screen door. In a blink of an eye, time slips through my fingers like sand. “How did it get so late so soon?” - Dr Seuss

#CherryGingerSorbet, #CherrySorbet, #SorbetFromScratch

 3-4 cups of frozen cherries (I used a blend of the tart red and the darker sweet ones)
1/2 cup sugar or honey
3/4 − 1 inch of ginger (or candied ginger)
1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
3-4 tbsp of lime juice IF you do not have tart cherries.

#CherryGingerSorbet, #CherrySorbet, #SorbetFromScratch
Now that board you guys should recognize, this is the one which was featured in the tutorial post. If I can say so myself, I think it’s a very versatile and you will see it a lot :)

Blend all the ingredients, except the pomegranate, to a nice smooth consistency, if you do need to add a liquid, add orange juice, it will add a nice citrus flavor. I did not add orange juice.

Remove from blender, mix the pomegranate seeds, transfer to a freezer friendly box and freeze.

Lick the left over sorbet and play the waiting game ;)

For Pina colada sorbet click here .

#CherryGingerSorbet, #CherrySorbet, #SorbetFromScratch

#CherryGingerSorbet, #CherrySorbet, #SorbetFromScratch

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  1. Eye pleasing, gorgeous sorbet, i dont mind have few scoops.

  2. super colorful snack.. I always think sorbet is healthier than ice cream :-)


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