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CULINARY OPTICS - Andrew Scrivani

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1- How to capture Steam in food photography
2- How to capture white objects on white.
3- Composition theory for food photography
4- How to shoot moody and intense images
5- Painting props for food photography
6- Personalized tutorials.

I had no idea how this happened. We often assume that celebrities are larger than life, we see them on the media and form an image about them. I was skeptical that Andrew would even respond to my e-mail, let alone agree to do an interview. He’s one amazing guy… so down to earth, it was more than a surprise. I sent him a list of 7-10 questions, asked him to pick 5 or even 4 due to time constraints, he responded to all of my questions - I asked him for a sample of images and it was a treat to see a handful of images from him. What is it about some people that is so endearing, you wish more for them and feel they deserve every bit of the success. Thank you so much Andrew Scrivani.

You can see his signature style in all his images, the magical light with perfect composition. In one of his workshops he calls himself a ‘light chaser’, you can clearly see that in his images.  About composition, he says, “food styling is composition within a composition, you have an overall composition and then you have to also compose your plate….you are making two different pieces of art and putting them together”

Andrew, A good photograph is one that makes it’s audience feel something. That may be a really simple answer but that’s exactly how I feel. If you can change the thoughts and feelings of an audience with an image then you have made a good photograph.

Andrew, Planning a photo shoot for me always begins with the recipe, then the ingredients, the season and the culture it is borne in. All of those things influence how I plan the lighting, propping and overall feel of the shoot….”

Here is Andrew doing photo yoga :) This is just a teaser, click here to read my full interview. Thanks Daily Meal for the opportunity.

If you want me to include your favorite food photographer or have any suggestions for this column - please email me at turmeric53@gmail.com or leave me a comment. Thanks !

All images in this post are a copyright of Andrew Scrivani.

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  1. oh my my....u r right light is magic here...The cake photo said it all.:)

  2. Great! heading over to read the full interview. Great job Simi :-)

  3. Lovely interview, love the honesty, well done, Simi! I agree with you about Andrew, on his work and the way he presents and shares ideas and experience with others. Beautiful images, great advice. Thank you!

  4. In love with the magical light. Superb!


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