Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seasonal Soup for Autumn

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

This is going to be a picture heavy post, I have been going crazy with fall colors and fallen leaves. Every time my husband and I go for a walk, am stopping for pictures ….everytime! He even asked me, don’t you get bored of taking the same picture…my response the light is different, it’s not same. I don’t think he gets it but pretends otherwise. You don’t want to mess with ’the wife’

Just yesterday, my family was looking for me, I thought I had told them that I will be in the yard, but apparently no one heard. The beautiful tree in our backyard was calling my name  …I was there for 10 minutes but I was told that it was 40. I have never been good with numbers :)  I did not know I was being photographed.  Here is me taking pictures of the beautiful tree.

This month Ilva, Sophia and myself thought of doing a soup for the monthly post that we do together. I am horribly terribly late ( by a week ) Ilva and Sophia already posted their’s, you must check it out. Absolute yumminess. Thanks girls for your patience and hope to do it on time in November.

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe #Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

The soup is made from fall vegetables. Pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash & red onions.

2 cups pumpkin chunks
3/4 cup squash chunks
1/2 cup sweet potatoes
1/2 cup carrots chopped
3/4 cup onion

2 cups veggie stock ( preferably home made)

4-5 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste
1-2 tbsp all purpose spice blend 

Crushed pepper and chili oil to serve

Cuts the veggies into cubes, coat them into olive oil and add salt and roast at 350F for 10-15 min. Till nicely roasted. Make sure the cubes are big, else you will burn the veggies.

Add the roasted veggies and stock into the blender and blend till you have a smooth consistency. Add the spice blend and run the blender again, serve hot,  with crushed pepper, cilantro and a bit of chili oil.

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

#Soup, #FallSoup, #AutumnSoup, #ComfortFood, #Recipe

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