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#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography

#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography
Over the years, my mother has come to terms with my love for old and raggedy things. Last month, when I was in India, spending time with my mother, she had all kinds of stuff out for me. I picked a few old vessels and a wooden board.  I really had no use for any of the new things in the pile. As we were sorting through the ‘treasure’, one of her neighbors drooped in unannounced. I was amused to hear my mother say, “she loves to take photograph of food with junky old things” - no explanation required, ‘she’ in this case refers to yours truly. 

The wooden board you see in these pictures is one that I have aged for the last two years, exposing it to the elements, and when I was taking these photographs, I was thinking of my mother. I’m not sure she will approve of this wooden board, and I’m sure she will advise me to dispose of it immediately. After reading this post she will most definitely have something to say - I will keep you guys posted. But this board is not going anywhere for sure.

 For those of you, who have been asking me about outdoor photography, I have a behind the scenes pic for you. (Last one). On a bright sunny day where the clouds are not diffusing the light, look for beautiful shadows. Trees with thick foliage, tend to give gorgeous shadows with light shining through the leaves. Try to set up your food shoot in a way that you have a good play of light and shadow. Adjust the settings and make sure you frame your shot - nothing more to it. 

#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography

1 egg 
1 cup flour 

1/4 cup coconut powder/flour
1/4 cup milk

1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1 tsp pineapple extract
water to bring to pouring consistency 
coconut oil

fresh pineapple slices

Whisk the dry ingredients, add milk and water and bring to pouring consistency

Cut the pineapple in round circular slices. I uses a  round cookie cutter to get uniform circular shape.

Heat pan add 1/4 tsp coconut oil, pour the batter and place a slice of pineapple on the top. Cover, when the dough has a few air bubbles on it, turn and add 1/4 tsp oil or butter. Let the pineapple roast well.

Fot the pineapple to have a nice glazed look add 1/4 tsp sugar and some butter and let it roast till the sugar is caramelized.  You can also use a blow torch instead, both methods work well.

Caramelize some cherries with sugar and butter. Top the pancakes with maple syrup, cherries and sweetened coconut flakes.

#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography
#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography
#PIÑACOLADAPANCAKES #PinaColadaPancakes #Pancakes #HomemadePanCakes  #Recipe #FoodPhotography #SimiJoisPhotography
Behind the scene 
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  1. Just saw the picture on FB, Simi and had to come and drool some more:) The pictures are just stunning and you have made magic with that light!

  2. Simi,
    You're a true artist and I am not saying just because I love you. You really are! You come up with a very new thing every time in every post. You curate and craft each post with your love! I will again gossip about your behind your back, you know with whom! :D Love you for your passion! Please keep inspiring us with many more! Hugs and kisses!!

    1. Dolphia,

      Thank you so much ! I know your partner in crime and I am a big fan of his work. Thanks for being with me on this journey - love you guys.

  3. I just love your photography here--cool to see a bit of behind the scenes! These pancakes sound absolutely delicious, such a great summery flavor :)

  4. Amazing clicks Simi -- absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the last click, it will always lovely to see behind the scene pics.

  5. Lovely shots as usual. Loved the second pic. The shadows are so beautifully captured.

  6. The magic you create with your photos and the way you portray it is simply the best! Shooting outdoors is not easy at all and you made it look so simple with such gorgeous results! That aged love

    1. Jyothi,

      thanks a ton. that wood is like a jewel for me have been working on aging it for 2 years now :)

  7. As someone who almost exclusively shoots outside, I loved this post Simi! I love that aged board. I've been doing something similar with a bench in my backyard. Its too narrow really, but I love it :D

  8. I read your posts three times, first just the pictures. Because the wait of scrolling down to get to the next picture is just not bearable. Then the post itself and the recipe. And then the pictures again, because once is never enough. You are amazing.


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