Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Still Life Photography

I have not been photographing for myself as much as I used to…at least the last couple of months. I have been missing that a lot. This Sunday I got my paints out and painted a brand new board after a long time, I wanted a rustic old look to it…am not sure if I achieved that but I did like the final look. So, the next day I  tried to test it and did some test shots with it…

Many of you asked me on social media if I had a tutorial for my boards, well here it is. … Tutorial.

Photography is a self learning process, as I try and break loose from boxed thinking, here is my visual interpretation of it. Maybe too literal ??



StillLifeFlower-800PX-SimiJois-2016 Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Oh my goodness, Simi, these are mind blowing. Just like artists had apprentices I wish I could be yours. Just to understand your thought process and then to follow through with the camera. Keep inspiring, I'll keep imbibing :)

  2. I love this so much! The flower petals floating away are just fantastic.

  3. Omg !! The board looks so rustic and the whole picture is gorgeous .Love your imagination you really are an artist.Keep these wonderful photography coming.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! just like a painting...

  5. Board is lovely and beautiful pictures.

  6. Beautiful images Simi! More like cherry on the cake is the tutorial on how to create the boards....Very inspiring! I am definitely painting a few later this year

  7. Awesome and stunning images simi! Lovely board! Im definitely painting some in the next coming weeks simi!


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