Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sunday Still-life and A Very Happy Mother's Day

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I am back with another still-life. I'm loving this challenge, so much so that I am dreaming of it :) Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend.

 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there.  What is life without a little celebration, I remember a few years ago I wished a friend "Happy Mother's Day" and she was not so happy and gave me a rant on how everyday should be mother's day and how this is just a commercial celebration to sell more cards and flowers….lol! To each their own, I don't need mother's day to be thankful for my mother, but I cherish this day as a mother and a daughter….I think these small celebrations make life precious. I love being pampered and am not shy of it either….and my family knows that lol! I hope you guys get spoilt rotten on this Mother's day ! Sending you big hugs and bucket full of love.

I wanted to post this tomorrow (Sunday) - but my blog refuses to post till there is a human intervention and am planning on a super lazy Sunday! I'm staying off anything that even smells like work - even lifting my finger for hitting the publish button. Last two weeks I have been working like a robot, and the next two week is full - deadlines plus teen is having her finals, so driver duty. In the middle of all this I managed to work in the yard and prepare the flower beds for my annuals. Planting each tiny sapling is time consuming…I hate to delegate that. Everybody at home thinks am crazy, it's such a fulfilling feeling….won't part with that.

Well… I can keep rambling all day, will let you go and enjoy your weekend… lots of love!

Over to Deeba & Dolphia's blog for more stills.

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  1. You are pure inspiration lady! Love the way you wrote this! Happy Mother's Day to my soul sistah.

  2. Lovely write up Simi..wishing you loads of happiness ..A very happy Mother's Day to you too ..Rae


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