Thursday, May 12, 2016

The scent of spring - my morning walk


I sat down with a cup of coffee, I was planning a shoot that was long overdue, took out my props …opened the patio door. There was a calm stillness, I stepped out and took a deep breath….I could hear  the birds chirping, the sound of frogs matting in the distance and an occasional sound of the road. I got my camera, slipped on my shoes…it was a compelling feeling to get out …as though the birds were luring me. I saw the sink full of dishes, the clothes waiting to be folded and kept away…the props waiting….life can wait! Sometimes, you just have to follow your heart, everything can wait.

What followed was 2 hours of endless walking…the sights, sounds and the scent of spring that will always stay with me… I stood by the bridge and could hear the calmness of the stream below me…as I saw the world from my viewfinder, there was a silent bliss, that moment felt so true to who I was. As I go back to recollect, I can't find words to express how I felt…I took my thoughts and centered them to capture it … I think the first picture really symbolizes the way I felt…

As a couple of recipe sits in the draft waiting to be edited….that can wait !!

Some more from the walk…..

Get your coffee, it's picture heavy post!






 There might have been a fence ….just a pillar now.

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  1. Gorgeous mood in all the frame! Stunning photography Simi.

  2. This is what you did the whole morning? I am so proud of you - sometimes you just need to get out and it's very true, chores can wait. Gorgeous, greenful(i just invented this), soothing - peace for eyes!

  3. Simi, can I just say I am much in love with you pictures. How do you this? How do make everything so beautiful? A lone pillar too.

  4. Oh! My I have to move next door and watch you from behind on how you create such stunning imagesπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ . Just love you

  5. Beautiful photos Simi!! Sometimes we have to do what is good for our soul and all the rest can wait!

  6. I was mesmerized by the pictures and the tone in your writing. xx


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