Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunday Still-life - new prop alert !

I am back again with another still-life! The light was really playing truant here,  so I took the set up outdoors and after setting up everything, got the tripod out to start making some images….it starts to rain !! Perfect timing, exactly what I needed.

I brought it all back inside, sometimes you have to do with what you have. I love working with natural light as it's unpredictable and it makes you think.  I could have done better, I might rework on this image in the following weeks and post it.

I must confess that the kettle is a new addition to the prop family…just had to get it, it is just so gorgeous. :) Am going to go ahead and post this now - Sunday is my day off and I try to stay away from my laptop, I try…not saying am successful.

Hope you guys have a fabulous Sunday !!

Question : do you guys want  me to add a small note on how I shot this, every week ?? I'll do the work only if you guys want me to.


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  1. Simi - that kettle is soo gorgeous! I LOVE it, it's black and I love it even more because of that.
    Your are so generous when it comes to helping others, and we dont find many people like that. I would love to have a note of how you shot this photo, it's so gorgeous. Thanks in advance. And we love you a lot <3

  2. I'm late, but I want to say that I would love to have a note of how you shot the pics. Thanks in advanced :)


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