Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Still Life

Last week I missed out on Stills…the weeks are churning fast and I cannot keep up. Skipping a few weeks here and there is allowed right ?

As I walked with my flipflop  into the house, I brought in blades of grass… the foyer was messy and smelled of freshly cut grass.  It was one of those days when you don't know what to do with yourself….you want to throw away the to-do list. There was no deadline hanging on my head…I could easily waste a day with nothingness. There was a time when I accounted for everything, never been a financial wiz kid …but certainly the house was always immaculate, awaiting a visit from the queen.  From the towels in the powder room to the spices, labeled and ironed. The running joke in my family was..don't stay  still for too long, you will be tucked away in storage, especially if you look messy.

Those days vaporized…I still prefer tidy to messy, but there is a beauty in mess. It shows life, the newspaper half folded on the coffee table, a cup of coffee…it shows the presence of someone, of family, of home. I think when I'm old and my days are numbered, I won't fret about the days the laundry was not folded or the spices not back in it's place…I will probably miss spending time being meaningful…sometimes nothingness is meaning full, have you tried it ?

Still life photography, beautiful photography
As I spent my day going through my old diary, old poems I wrote as a teen and young adult…my old sketches, my dad's camera which captured innumerable memories of the family…. I read the recipes written and sent in good old snail mail by Ditu, my dear sister…I looked at the old sand-hour glass we bought together from an antique store in Gaziabad…dad was there that day with us. I lazily ran my figures through all my treasures…gazing into the past. I don't even know why I was rummaging...

That evening, as I wrote in my diary, my account of the day…"nothing".  I call it the power of stillness and therapy for the soul.

Ps : yes that clumsy rose sketch by me :)


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  1. I am with you on the 'Power of stillness'. Beautifully captured...

  2. Beautifully captured simi! loved all the clicks!


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