Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunday Stills and more......

I have been planning to post on the blog, but is just not happening. I kind of anticipated this as summer has always been a very busy time of the year for me. This year specially...when I started the blog I did not anticipate starting a blog will open so many doors for me and maintaining a blog is a time consuming exercise. I just loooove this aspect of my life and I will probably never stop blogging, even though I struggle with time. My work pipe-line seems a bit under control now. Last week, I had a couple of people request a print of my image for their home....!! I think that was the happiest moment for me... selling my work as art....

We were out last week, on even though I had my camera, it was juts landscape and city scape, (I was a it bored, shooting landscape ).  I was yearning to get in one hand, camera on my neck, music..and my hair up in the most pathetic hairdo in the history of hair styles.

I get crazy ideas -  shooting an outdoor shot, with a bicycle. I really wish I had an assistant. I took almost two hours to tie the wooden box to the bike, so it could stay and balance all the fruit....well it did stay, but for about 5-6 minutes...after that the bike began to wobble... I did not want to loose all those fruits to 2 hours of styling and 5 minutes to shoot.  I probably would have had better shots if I had more time. Climbing on a ladder trying to shoot a wobbly bike...!! Thankfully all the fruits made it back to the kitchen. Well, there must be an easier way than to just hold your breath and hope!  I think the bike is kind of a cute idea that needs to be explored.

Well, I did take more than 50 images of berries styling them different ways...!! Sharing a few of my favorites. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!! Hoping to share a few recipes's on my mind, need to start working on it.

PS : the bike is really not a still life... oh well! Am sure you guys don't mind!


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  1. Wow....! Gorgeous pics......! The hours u spend to take photographs are really worth... :)

  2. Second Pic looks so realistic as if you have returned from a farmer's market with all those boxes of fruits. I can visualise a story.
    Loved them all though:)

  3. The amount of time you spend styling and photographing food definitely needs patience ...but then your pics turn so beautiful and worth we love it... such beautiful the third pic a lot


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