Monday, July 11, 2016

Hiking with my camera - Starved Rock (State Park)


Last weekend we went on a hike to starved rock- state park. Breathtaking views....we probably explored just one third of the trail. First it was a very hot still day, no breeze and humidity at eighty percent.  The heat really slowed us down, it was a hike of about 715ft, starting at 400 ft... well by Illinois standards that is mountain climbing Lol! Living in flat Illinois, where a bump on the road is marked as an increase in elevation. The hike was an easy one...and the view break taking, even with the heat index at 90F.

It's around 13 mile long trail - and due to the terrain it takes anywhere between 5-6 hours to complete the trail, that is without a stop...We must have just done about 5-6 miles ( that is what my fit-bit says) To do the whole trail and enjoy it, one must stay there...we tried to book a log cabin,  everything was sold out....again living in Illinois with brutal winters, even the local picnic spots in spring/summer have all the tables taken....every weekend. People literally go to the parks early and reserve kidding! We take our summer very seriously and this park was full...people everywhere,  took me some skill to take shots without people. Teen has been here with her friends, she planned the whole trip and took me to the trails that were photographer friendly ( big blessing!). Lots of poison ivy and some crawling creatures, fortunately lots of signs warning the visitors.

I'm planning to visit again in fall...but when I proposed to the family...I got eye rolls. Maybe, just maybe....Well, hope is a good thing. I just googled 'starved rock in fall' and my jaw dropped. I have to do this.

For now here are some of my favorites...








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  1. The place is so beautiful!! I feel like a part of heaven was just there - such a gorgeous play of light and shadow. Please visit again in fall :) I love each one of them :) They are peace to the eyes.

  2. wow such an amazing place :) you have captured every nook and corner so well simi :) very peaceful trail ..

  3. Beautiful and artistic pictures......! I really wait for your new posts..... :)


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