Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sunday Stills


Summer means fresh flowers at home ...indoors and outdoors. I grew up in a house where we would  work on elaborate flower arrangements and it always had the pride of place in the house. Even today mom always has fresh flowers. Always,  no exception. I think I inherited this from my parents....! Even though the garden is in full bloom I can hardly resist buying fresh flowers here are some,  the yellow lilies are from my back yard while the Alstroemeria are store bought. I also bought a gorgeous orchid - absolutely stunning. Will post pictures soon.

Does summer really have longer days...really ? It's not true, I am quite sure that summer days are shorter than short. before you blink - it's night and the day is over. We usually have dinner by 7.30 pm   but this summer, it's 9 pm. This summer we have been doing a lot of bike rides, that is a time consuming exercise. Pack your bikes, get ready and drive to the trail. We have been exploring different trails in our area and loving it. Some of the trails are gorgeous, it is hard for me to leave my camera home. But sometimes it is good to just enjoy the moment. I have a few from the trail....sharing here as well (the first two images below). My walk with camera continues...I need to share those images in a post - just a sneak peak, the last two images, from my photo walk.

Two recipes that need to be curated, promise to post next week ...till now still life and images from
my trail. Have a fabulous weekend.

Landscape, Photography, summer, green, trails

Landscape, Photography, summer, green, trails

Landscape, Photography, summer, green, trails

Landscape, Photography, summer, green, trails

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