Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sunday Stills


I have been going a little crazy with stills, every shoot is turning into #still.  I need to post it twice a week. This week I bring you two very different moods and style. One is dark and mysterious and the other elegant and light as air. I have always been influenced by oil paintings and water colors, I try and recreate them in photography.

The second image has the lightless of water pigments fading into the whites...The first is definitely influenced by heavy layering of texture and color done in oil paintings. Both days I had gorgeous light to play with and these two are my favorite from the series I shot. I will not overload the post with multiple images. (very tempted to do that)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. We are having a long weekend here in the US. To all my US friends Have a safe 4th.

Thanks to everyone who has nominated me for the Saveur blog awards. I always wonder about awards... I have soooo many favorite blogs, that do amazing do they pick ? I really wish everyone best of luck and if you think my work is worth a nomination, here is the link. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Means a lot, it's not important I get nominated, it's just the feeling that my friends/readers appreciate my work.

PS : why do I post my still life on Saturday and call it Sunday Still! Sometimes I'm just so silly.


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