Friday, September 23, 2016

Saturday Stills - it's dark and moody


This week I have literally done nothing, I have been a lazy  good for nothing slacker. I had to make some spice blends, I took all week to do that...usually takes me a day. Dragged my feet to the gym as though I was doing the world a favor, no walks on my favorite trail....don't ask me why..oh yes! it has been raining - I have an excuse.

But in all this I did one think... I had this urge one cloudy, dingy afternoon to create a moody image with rich colors.

I have always been draw to colors and if you see my work you will notice deep colors. even the monochromatic images are not understated...they have strong deep pigments of color. Light, color and texture is the way I visually express myself. Some days the urge to create is stronger and God help my family if I am not able to make a decent image.....they come home to a very crabby me. Lol! (true story).

I am almost happy with these images...there is always room for improvement, even if you are visually expressing yourself. It did satisfy my urge to create for that day and moment when I felt one with my camera. This is probably one of my favorite images from this I felt at peace making it.

I  did post a styling video on Instagram, of this very same image - here is the link. This is my third video on Insta about food/still photography. I am loving all the interaction  and feedback.

I won't let you go before you tell me which one is your favorite image of the three.

sending you love and hugs! have a fabulous weekend...!



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