Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunday Stills and social media ramblings

As I walked in my garden which has been abandoned for the last couple of  three weeks, I felt so guilty about the dried flowers, the weeds and a rather unkempt look.  A couple of hours well spent, cleaning up and watering the poor dried plants.

I got some hydrangeas and autumn joy sedum with some morning glory leaves ...that was growing as weed. Put it together for this still life. I wanted to play it on a purple board but changed it to a blu-green and I think I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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I have posted a video on Instagram, it shows you the light source and how I shot this, so if you are interested do take a look - link. I will be doing more videos like this, so do subscribe to my Insta feed if you like it.

I think it is time to do some experiments with colors and textures...stay tuned for the next video and still life. Right now I have little idea of what I am talking about ...but an idea is forming in my brain.


My ramblings on social media ....

I just love the positives of social-media, there is so much to learn, interact and share.  But like all good things it does have a down side...well not one but yeah a few. I'm not crazy about long chats using personal messaging via social media. I think its a big drain on time and energy with nothing to take away. I'm no puritan, and I do enjoy messaging - but long chats for hours or a means to keep in touch is not my thing. Many a times people get away saying a lot of things that they would not dare say to your face. It is easy to hide behind the keyboard and flirt with words. This has been my pet peeve for the last few months.

I have a friend who literally got offended as I do not respond to text or private messages...the exact comment was, "we all are busy, but I make our friendship my priority." As much as I am very fond of my friend, I don't understand how chatting for 3-4 times a week...makes me her priority. On the other hand, I have friends I do not speak  for days, weeks and even months...but when we do, we catch up from where we left.

I was chatting with some friends yesterday and one of them mentioned  the exact same thing...over-connectivity is killing her.  So true, are we living in an over connected world, with social obligations that sap you of your energy? And everyone wants nano second response, a text to remind you of a text... we all need some room to breath. I have a few friends, who had to block friends. That's sad, if only we understand and respect personal space, to know what comments are bordering into the realm called private.

I'm no saint...I can get carried away and end up chatting for a long duration and do enjoy it...I will say though, I'm respectful of people's time and will never hide behind a keyboard to say things, I will not be able to say to your face. Well, most of my friends will tell you am good with responding and getting back - only when it gets over the top...I just withdraw. That's just me. I belong to the eighteenth century, late by just a century. Is this a generation thing or you guys feel the same way ??

I have not even started talking about how some people have found this a great medium to flirt with words and people !

I have this on my vision board

1- Respond to every call that excites your spirit ( Rumi) not every whatsapp or FB message 😂
2- Don't talk what is not worth listening... ; don't message what's not worth reading.

Like many of my friends, do you also find social media a bit intrusive ?

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  1. Simi... Loved everything about this post - Content, behind the scene video.

    I totally agree with PM on social media. Everyone needs to respect the space and silence . Sometimes it really doesn't mean we are ignoring them... In today's nano sec world most people enjoy immediate response and panic if they don't see one... Patience is the key to virtue and Britain does teach me quite a lot. Everything has got a waiting time :))

  2. I agree on that! I feel so visibly drained after talking to few people, even people around me notice that and tell me not to pick that call or text them again!! I sometimes get lost in middle of the talk and will be responding only with ohhhh, ahhhh!! 😳
    Love the click!! Looking forward to your videos!!! 😊

  3. 'Over connectivity' is just the right word. I love to read your blog for the simple reason it feels like sharing something valuable to your readers.

  4. I needed to thank you for this extraordinary read. I certainly appreciating each and every piece of it I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post. visit website


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