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Watermelon ginger slushy with chaat masala and some exciting news !!

Delicious sluuuurpy slushy with a hint of spice.Deep yellow and delicious - love that color.


In the moments of deep thought but lack of words ( an oxymoron, I guess), I pick up my camera and walk the usual trail, by my home. It is the same trail, each time I walk, I see it different - the flowers, the grass, the colors, the is never the same. Here are a few images from my contemplative walk...

Read on I have exciting news !!


This week was special, Monica Bhide launched her debut novel : Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken. Shooting the cover was a fascinating experience.., it was a fulfilling and memorable.

When Monica told me I was going to be shooting the cover..I asked her for a brief and the brief was, " read the book." I'm not a reader and very very slow...I asked her to send me a synopsis - no response. Oh well, I might survive skimming through the pages.So on a Sunday night after I had finished all my chores, I sat down to read the must have been 9pm ....I JUST COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN. My eyes were like must have been 3 am when I slept..

I am so glad I'm not a fast reader, chewing it slowly and relishing every nuance... when finally the book was over, I called Monica and I was upset with her..." The book is over, what am I supposed to do? What happens to Eshaan ? Have you started writing the sequel ? Can I read it ? " I can see Monica smiling as she read this, because after I chewed the book, I chewed her brains..."

I love the story, and this is not because I shot the is because it has love, vulnerability, failure, hope, dreams, courage, struggle and more.. The vulnerability of the leading characters touches your heart and some where in their vulnerable moments you make a connection. You want to shake them and tell them to make the right choices, but just like life you cannot and you have to let go. Set in India the book has a rawness to it, for those who are from India you can relate to it and for those who are not, it is probably a notch more mystical and intriguing.

I asked Monica if I could do a giveaway for my friends and she was generous to offer one copy to one of the readers of TNS, with a note from her. So, we have 2 books for the giveaway, one a signed copy from Monica and the other from yours truly.  Leave me a comment here to participate and I will have Monica pick the winner. Here is a link to amazon if you want to order it - Link 

About those mystical hands on the many of you have asked me about...ummm! well, it could be George Clooney  ;) lol!


I bought a watermelon and had no idea it was yellow inside, you should have seen my excitement when I saw the deep yellow color. I was ecstatic! The taste: it's really sweet, I felt it was a tiny bit like a cantaloupe..a very tiny bit. Well it's the same melon family. My family was skeptical with the color and almost thought it had food color injected (roll my eyes here). When I saw them making faces...I knew they would enjoy a slushy. (I know my family can be very weird) The same watermelon from a gourmet restaurant would have invited a ...ohhhh and ahhh! Served in my kitchen, "what is this, this color looks artificial"

I paired it with pineapple, fresh dates, ginger - a slurrrrrpy slushy !!Did I mention there is chaat masala in it ??


Watermelon ginger slushy


  • 1/2 medium yellow or red watermelon scooped
  • 4 cups pineapple chopped
  • 6-8 fresh pitted dates or 6 tbsp of honey
  • 5 tbsp of ginger juice
  • 1 tbsp of chaat masala
  • 1 tbsp of dried mint leaves powder or juice of fresh mint leaves
  • pinch or two of salt
Takes ,
serves 10-12 depending on size of melon


  1. Scoop the melon - it should be around 8 cups.
  2. Freeze the melon and pineapple for about 2 hours and not more than 4-5. Just so that it is easy on your blender.
  3. Add all the ingredients in the blender - add little water only if the blender is struggling to slush it. If you are not working with a powerful blender, do small loads.
  4. If you don't have fresh dates, use honey.
 The chaat masala adds a nice tangy and spicy taste to the drink.  Hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget to leave a comment for the give away !! Love you guys
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  1. Simi that's a lovely lovely cover. After your description about the book I can't wait to read it ☺.

  2. As usual the pics were stunning and the book has generated a lot of curiosity ....can't wait to grab a copy

  3. Lovely shots. I cant wait to get a copy of that beauty

  4. Gorgeous pics <3 I must say that flower pic my favourite and I m still using it as my wallpaper :) I will soon grab a copy if you won't give ;) as you have already ignited that thirst in me. I really love such book where you wait for the writer to bring the sequel.

  5. Simi,
    First and foremost: CONGRATS! To be frank, your pictures on the cover are tempting me to read the novel. Based on your little hint here, I am sure it's going to be amazing.
    Second, the recipe sounds delicious!! I was waiting to see your magic and you've bowled me over. Hope your workload reduces and you come back to blogging with full swing.
    Love and Hugs...

  6. You know I just love the places you walk with your camera, every photo is mesmerising, feels like seeing a new world through your lens. The cover picture from her books are superb, Monica has chosen the right person.
    I do not know about the chicken (being a veggie)!! after seeing her FB interview and the reviews, I am eager to read her books. Hopefully I can find some veggie recipes as well

  7. Oh! I firgot to tell you this, I love watermelon, a yellow watermelon !! that's a real find!!, awesome clicks Simi as always 😀👌👍 and I want to try your recipe as I have never used dates with it . Thanks for sharing

  8. I foresee sipping on this while reading the book for one fantastic relaxing weekend ;)

  9. Congratulations Simi. The cover looks terrific. And the slushy, delicious!

  10. Congratulations on that amazing cover! I totally love your nature pictures, I wish I was there to personally see and enjoy them... :) Have never come across yellow watermelon here, the slushy sounds amazing...

  11. How I mean how do you manage to make your readers gaze each and every single time. This is mesmerising; I have always admired your work but never left a comment though.. but for the way you have described the book or for the hands on that cover page I had to comment :P..

  12. This is my first visit to your page, and I'm delighted with your photos and recipes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.
    Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken sounds like a great read, invoking warmth as our weather cools....
    New writing talent is always exciting, and I hope to feast on this!


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