Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A year in reflection - 2016




 There is a lot of freedom in chaos. I probably learnt to embrace chaos, it is really not an excuse for laziness. It is a creative exuberance to  color outside the lines.  I was kind of an ocd personality....everything in place - neat, super tidy. Over the years, as I have learnt to relax my 'super tidy' behavior, I see myself enjoying my craft more. An untidy kitchen does not make me irritable any more. Still tidy but not ocd tidy. Life is to live, we spend so much of our time managing life that we forget to live it.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on some commercial work as well as some personal projects. Both, helping me grow my creative tenacity.  Super excited to have been invited to join the Adobe premium collection this year. Creative growth is what every artist seeks, thank you Adobe.

The best reward of blogging, meeting like minded friends - I'm blessed to be part of such a vibrant community. Everyone is just so helpful, just a few hours ago my blog was playing truant with me and I had these huge exclamation marks all over the blog...I guess this is the bane of the world we live in we do not understand, at least I do not. I had no idea how to trouble shoot this thing. Posted on one of the forums on FB. Before I could react, I had my friend Shibi Thomas message me giving me step by step detail instructions to trouble shoot. Thankfully I had the good sense to write to my designer, rather than take the matter in my own shaky hands ( though Shibi's instruction were PERFECT). I love my designer, she responded in ten minutes and  resolved it in less than an hour. If you guys are looking for a designer for Blogger or Wordpress, I highly recommend Designer Blog. They just rock!

What else did I do in 2016.... oh the endless walks and all the images from them... Can't wait!

2017 planning to continue with my spice series, hopefully Dolphia and Deeba will join me . And yes Sunday stills - that is not going anywhere. Thinking of learning some new skills, let me see how that goes, will keep you guys posted. Secret magic!

It is almost midnight now and am ready to crawl into bed..

Wishing you and your loved ones a F A B U L O U S  2017 : happy, healthy and fulfilling. Truck load of love and gratitude. Thank you so much for everything - love you guys!














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