Friday, January 6, 2017

Smoothie Bowl

Fresh fruits, flavorful fruit sauces, crunchy granola.... perfect morning meals.

My morning are sacred and I don't like to share them with anyone but myself. It  takes two cups of coffee or chai, a good breakfast and some me time that feeds my soul to get me started with my day. My morning routine, believe it or not used to start with my smart phone, catching up on social media. Thankfully not anymore and my phone is not the first thing I stare at early up in the morning. I have definitely become more mindful of my time. What I do with my time often dictates how I feel. A creative day is so satisfying and fuels me with positive energy.

Food is such an important component of good health and well being, however we often forget to feed our minds. I'm certainly not reading Einstein's theory of relativity or quantum physics for my intellectual well being. Just simple mindful consumption of my time, helps me feeling positive and satisfied, verses days where I cannot account for my time, as I have idled it away.  My Waterloo is social media, it sucks my time.  I often wonder how historians will document human behavior and social media in a hundred years.  

2017 is definitely a year of mindfulness (for me), even though it sounds so cliché. I hope it does not slip away and I make each day meaningful. Somehow the word mindful and whole sum go together, at least in my head. A whole sum breakfast is such a healthy start to a day. I love my food to look pretty, the smoothie bowl is my thing and I just love them. It has become the favorite breakfast of the family, especially weekdays. It can be personalized and you can arrange them the way you want.

 My refrigerator is almost always stocked with a berry compote and some fruit sauces. They can be used  for desserts, pancakes, smoothie bowl or just over some glazed fruits. I usually get the bulk fruits from Costco for my sauces,  they sauce stays good for around ten days, unless you forget to refrigerate. I'm constantly behind teen to refrigerate the sauce after every use and not have them sit on the counter for a few hours. since most of the sauces are home made, there is no preservatives and the only way to prolong shelf life is refrigeration.


Smoothie Bowl /Breakfast bowl 


  • 4 tbsp chia seeds soaked overnight
  • 2 tbsp berry compote
  • 3 tbsp persimmon sauce 
  • handful of granolla 
  • 1-2 tsp roughly chopped nuts
  • 1 cup chopped fruits of your choice 
  • 1/2 cup thick homemade yogurt
Takes ,
serves 2.


Arrange all of the above in a bowl, pour your tea/coffee, sit back and enjoy the first meal of your day. 

Berry Compote 

Can be made ahead of time

2 cups mixed berries
1 cup orange juice or apple juice
pinch of salt
1 stick cinnamon

Boil the berries in juice and let it reduce, remove the cinnamon stick and blend it well (smooth). Let it cool, store in glass, air-tight jars. Refrigerate.

Persimmon Sauce 

Can be made ahead of time

2 cups persimmon chopped (skin removed)
1/2 cup pears(skin removed)
2 inch ginger
1 cup green tea brewed

Boil the fruit in juice and let it reduce, blend it well (smooth). Let it cool, store in glass, air-tight jars. Refrigerate.

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