Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sunday stills

 Over the years I have done several photography projects like 365 days of photography - where I took a photo a day, it was  an intense project. It helped me learn the functioning of my camera . 52 weeks of creative exposure helped me explore landscape/outdoor photography. the project helped me think creatively about the exposure triangle, something that I am still learning and working on.  Indian masala dubba, was a project straight from the heart, started by Dolphia, Deeba and myself - we paired spices and shot them once a month, I am in love with this and plan to finish the rest of the spices on the list this year. Monthly mingle was a project started by Sophia, Ilva and myself, where we picked a topic to blog/photograph on. We posted our interpretation once a month.  I started a new project last year called Sunday Stills : as the name implies still life photography on the blog, every Sunday.
This image of the three apples is one of my first from seven years ago(2010). I can laugh at it now, but at that time it was so frustrating to try and bring to life my vision of the image I had in mind.   These projects have really helped me grow and hone my skills. I started out with a point and shoot camera, all I knew about photography was, 2 buttons. One - how to turn the camera on and the other the shutter.  I had the creative vision but did not know how to execute it. I knew what constituted a good photograph and what elements make an image stand down, but without the knowledge of framing, colors, light exposure, there was no way I could execute my vision. Slowly I have been able to somewhat express myself visually. There is still a long way to go. Today I am proud to share my journey, the image of the apple is as much mine as the image above. I am not shy of it, as it has helped me grown.

This year I plan to continue with #SundayStills, as am in love with still life.
The Image from #SundayStill this week was such a fun image to work on. It was exciting to learn to make the old map and distressed paper. Thanks to my sister-in-law, who taught me how to distress paper.
That is it for now.... I'm going to start a thread on Facebook, asking you to post your first photography. It will be fun !Join me there
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