Friday, March 23, 2018

How I shot this - New series

I keep getting requests, asking me how I shot a particular image. So I thought of starting a new series on my blog called how I shot this. I will try to explain my thinking, process and camera details. Hope this helps. If you want to request how I shot this for a particular image please email me or leave me a comment, I will try posting once a month.

Before you go, do let me know if you liked the B&W or color?

Simi Jois

Simi Jois

Inspiration - light, reflections and pencil sketch feel.

Vision : I Wanted the glass in front to pop but at the same time I wanted the background to be the hero, almost like a sketch.

Light source : sun was falling at a 45 degree from the window.

Styling :   the sun was creating dramatic light and shadows of the blinds on the table. I aligned the lines of the blinds (on window) to the shadows it was casting on the table. This was to create a seamless background.
Placed the jar which was transparent, kept glass in front. Made sure the sunlight fell into the glass and reflected the color onto the table.

Aperture : I opened up the lens at an aperture of f/1.4 to to create dramatic background (sketchy feel) and desired bokeh.

Post process - changed the WB to a cooler shade to match with the blue-green glass.

Camera - Nikon D610
Lens - Sigma 85mm

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