Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet

Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet by Simi Jois

Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet by Simi Jois

I somehow feel like this is the beginning of the year and I need to make a resolution. I know we are past half the year, but for me I feel the excitement of a new year. The last year has been a blur, health issues that came out of no where. I'm blessed to have had so many angels in my life that helped me get back on my feet. I have really felt the generosity and love of so many people, who made me their priority. I think when times are difficult then you truly realize the value of kindness. You know you are loved when someone makes you their priority against all odds. Huge blessing.

Since last year I have started journaling and reading. I have rediscovered my love for books and most often you will see my nose in a book with OM chant playing in the background. I have fallen in love with Eckhart Tole and read and re-read his books, so if you are an Eckhart fan and you have any recommendations for me, please email me.

It's strange, as I write, I feel so much of me has changed, in so many ways, I am so much more sure of myself. I know exactly what I want and I have made myself my priority. I don't do things to make  others happy. I have to be grateful to my sister,  hubby, some of my friends and my aunt,  who have encouraged me on this path. Gosh ! I owe my life to them. If you have to make just one person happy in your life, let that be you,  you can only give if your vessel is full... don't run on empty. Not just that, I have stopped doing things that do not bring me happiness. It sounds difficult but it's not. You just have to make up your mind. We have been  raised to make everyone happy even if it is at the cost of your own happiness. Most times it is not worth it, for the people you are trying to please don't matter.

"Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

I have learnt a lot in the last one year, I have witnessed generosity and love first hand. When a friend literally puts their own life on hold and is there for you, even though you tell them you do not need their help...that's more than love or kindness. Life shows its kind self in moments of adversity.  I'm filled with gratitude for the kindness in my life.

Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet by Simi Jois

Mango-Peach-Cantaloupe-Turmeric Sorbet by Simi Jois

This sorbet is for one of my close friends who loves fruity desserts. Enjoyed the afternoon talking about books, philosophy and of course the sorbet

4 cups frozen mango diced
2 cups frozen peach diced
1 cup fresh cantaloupe diced
1 tsp turmeric powder or fresh
3-4 tbsp honey
2 tbsp ginger juice

Blend separately or together. Freeze for two hours and serve with freshly cut fruits.

It's summer and I had to share some images from my garden ....
Garden - Simi Jois

Moody flower- Simi Jois

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