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Online Photography Classes

Online Photography Lessons - Simi Jois

A lot of you have been reaching out for my online photography classes. Thank you for the overwhelming response. Right now all classes for June-July are closed. However I have openings for August-September. If you are interested, please email me

This is a personalized class, a one-on-one using Skype or Face time. I usually have the first call (which is free) to access your requirements and expectations and then we plan the class needs and time/date. You can learn at your own pace and place of your choice. The class is followed by some homework, I give constructive feedback via email for the submitted assignment.

I have a few tailored classes:
Camera one-on-one : all about using camera in manual mode.
Quick fix styling guide : Some tips for styling difficult dishes.
Story telling : How to weave a story with light
Moody Photography : one of my most popular class
Steam Photography : class starts October end.

Here are some testimonials from my students :

It's always a pleasure learning from you….This was my first time learning from an expert and I did not expect to take away so much in an hour long Skype session. Simi exactly knew which parts to touch on and perfectly balanced the theory and practical aspects of food photography. And the fact that a one on one private class is so affordably priced is definitely an added bonus.
-Ashmita Bharadwaj

I want to say a huge thank you for all your time and help in improving my work. I really really enjoyed the session, it was very thorough and easy to understand as well. My basic concepts are so much better now.

Thank you for the class, I really enjoyed it. I must confess, I was a bit nervous at first.  I learnt so much in one session, I cannot wait for our next. I highly recommend this class, I thought I knew about shutter speed and aperture but I soon realized and I am glad I asked you to go through it. Also, all the tips about styling that make it so much easier. Thank you Simi.

These images are from my photography class. For images from my students scroll to end of post and click.

Online Photography Lessons - Simi Jois

Online Photography Lessons - Simi Jois

Online Photography Lessons - Simi Jois

I am always so happy to see the work of my students. I am so thankful for working with them. Here are some images from the last couple of months. I'm sorry I could not share all of them but these are a few of my favorites.

Photography credit : Anusha (fruits) and Ashmita (Bagels) - May, 2018

Photography Credit : Liva (cupcake Sprinkling) Chhavi (cupcake on book) and Jayashri ( lemonade). June, 2018 
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