Saturday, May 29, 2010


   What a blessed day!!!!

          Place: North India, closer to The Himalayas,

           Time: A cold winter afternoon with the sun trying its best to spread some of its warmth to us .

                     As we walked down the dusty road over to some very old family friends, who had invited us for a tour of her vast, well loved garden and of course some tea to warm us up, we just wanted to soak in all the charm of a small hillside town, which had grown beyond its limits and was coping hard from bursting at its seams.
              Despite all the dodging of the autorickshaws and scooters and dogs,  we arrived in perfect shape and in good time. The minute we stood at the gate, we knew we were in for a visual treat, this was not a garden, this was an exclamation!

                  As we walked around, the first thing that caught our eye was this huge Rudraksha tree majestically standing and definitely making its presence felt. We were told its history and how little birds would take these beads and drop them in neighbours homes( lucky lucky! ). Not wanting to wait for the birds to come across seven seas to drop them in our yards, we decided to collect some from under the tree. 

                   As we bade goodbye to the garden and held  the precious  beads tight in our fists, we felt happy and blessed!
                  We will be back for more ....we said!!!

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