Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tamarind n Dates chutney

The week went by too quickly .....!! I love spring break, its a sneak peak of my favorite season - summer!! It was a great week - the best part being, no alarms to ruin the morning slumber - and the birds chirping happy songs. We had so many things on our to do  wish list, we could accomplish only a few, went and watched "hunger games", ate out, shopping and cooked some yumicious food, but the pix were a disaster. I was in so much of a hurry to take pix that I forgot to re-set the white balance and ended up a bluish hue on all the pix, yes all of them :( !! haste does make waste!! Well on the brighter side the next week will be a repeat - telecast of all the yumminess !!  I did manage to salvage this one. Thanks to Photoshop!! It is not the best :( sorry guys!!

 I always yes you read it right always have tamarind n dates chutney in the refrigerator. It is one of those chutneys that is so versatile, it is the back bone of chaat. Chaat is a staple in our household - almost every other weekend, so much so that I have friends who just walk in and expect chaat  if it is a Friday and I love  surprises and since chaat is such a quick snack, with so many variations it never gets boring. It has taken me many trials to perfect this chutney and this is the recipe I have been using for over 10yrs now.

2 cups of tamarind juice
4 tbsp of roasted and powdered cumin
handful of jaggery
8-10 pitted dates
1/2 cup of rasin
couple of inches of ginger root
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp red chili powder

For tamarind juice - soak a handful of tamarind in hot water, let it soak up all the water - about 20 min. remove the pulp and make sure it is free from tamarind seed or the inedible part of tamarind.

For roasted cumin -  Heat a pan and dry roast a handful of cumin, let it cool, powder fine and store in an air-tight container.

 Blend together half the raisin, pitted dates, ginger into a coarse paste. The key word is coarse here... I love to get a bit of ginger or dates when I chew my chaat.

In a saucepan heat the tamarind juice, when it begins to boil , add all the other ingredients and let it boil for a good 15 min, so the raw flavor of tamarind is gone and the chutney is nice and thick. I love the aroma in the house when this chutney is boiling on the stove top, the cumin and the dates - irresistible. Once it has cooled to room temperature you can store it in an air-tight container and refrigerate. It has a great shelf life and is good for 4 weeks.

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  1. Chaat is big in my house too. We have chutney all the time and kind of get insecure when we are out of it.

  2. Nice yummy chutney looks so tempting....i too posted little different version of Dates chutney in my blog.

  3. I always keep a bottle of this chutney at my you,even I m a big chat version is almost same minus raisins..must try next time 2 find d difference

  4. Love this yummy chutney in chats..

  5. yummy n tasty chutney looks r just tempting...

  6. Love this chutney ..looks so gud ..

  7. yummy tangy chutney...delicious.

  8. yummy chutney,love the addition of raisins...tempting:)

  9. I love this chutney almsot with everything.

  10. i never added raisin to this chutney. would love to give it a try

  11. Love this with samosas or bhelpuri chaat..yummy tangy combo:-)Erivum Puliyum

  12. The flavours in that chutney sound delicious!

  13. Delicious looking chutney,sounds so tasty.

  14. This and green chutney are a must in my house. I make a big jar of it and keep it in the fridge. Delicious chutney and can serve with so many things. So happy to see you do a post on this.

  15. delicious and perfect combination of flavours..yummy chutney..


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