Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Malaga Podi

For this special week (Mother's day, duh!!) I wanted to blog two of my favorite recipes that have been passed on to me by my MIL (mother-in-law) and the other by my mother.

I have learned a lot of traditional recipes from my MIL, from small tips that save a meal, to expert advice on how to tackle challenging recipes in the kitchen. I was going through my recipe book to find the perfect recipe to blog about. I glanced over at the plate which, only moments ago, had housed hot rava idlis and malaga podi (MP) that I had lapped up in no time. I have lost count of the number of times I have made MP. It is as essential as salt in my kitchen. OK, not as essential as salt, but you get the picture. It is simple and a great accompaniment with a traditional south Indian meal. Some peanut oil mixed in with MP and hot fluffy Idlis...mmm. This is one of the first recipes that my MIL taught me. It was something that was totally new to me, but soon enough, I learned that I cannot go without it.

This one is for my MIL. Strong, determined and a true proponent of harmony either in the kitchen or outside. Happy Mother's Day!!

1 cup - urad daal
1 cup - chana daal
sesame - 2 cups
1 and 1/2 cups or to taste- dried red chilies
1 tsp- asafetida
salt - to taste

Dry roast the daals and sesame separately and keep aside to cool. Dry roast the red chilies on very low flame and remove immediately .

Grind separately to a fine consistency,  (after they have cooled). Mix, add salt and asafetida. Store in an airtight container. Good for three months.

A peek into my yard...........

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  1. The photos look awesome. Such a cute post to include your mother in law and mother's tips and recipe.

  2. Lovely post to dedicate your MIL on mother's day ..Beautiful clicks and a must podi in kitchen

  3. Nice post, I too make this the same way..

  4. Thank you for your MP!!!!!

  5. There's nothing like malaga podi with hot idlis and dosai! :) And you have such gorgeous flowers in bloom! :)

  6. Podi looks spicy ..:) lovely write up..:))

  7. The malaga podi looks awesome. A perfect combo for idlis. The flowers are so gorgeous.

  8. Nice podi and tempting clicks..thanks for sharing ..

  9. I cant survive without this podi,love it.

  10. YUM! I tried some other recipe with dhania seeds and fenugreek. Just not what I would have enjoyed. Will try this today. Thanks


  11. Beautiful post. Happy mother's day to both your mothers :) You have a pretty garden. I love columbines (BTW, guess you know that they are the state flower of Colorado)

  12. Thxs everyone !!

    Namitha- I love columbines , did not know it was colorado's state flower. Thxs :)))

  13. Podi is a gorgeous color -
    As for your comment, so happy you are planning to make that cake - I cannot wait to see it - please do post pics on my FB wall when you make it - look forward

  14. Podi looks perfect and the clicks are gorgeous.


  15. Good morning! What a lovely blog you have here. I have perused many of your posts and greatly enjoyed your recipes and photos! So nice visiting and meeting you :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  16. Malaga Podi? I haven't tried it. Does it have turmeric powder?

  17. Sweetlady @ As the recipe indicates it does NOT have turmeric . thxs for visiting :))

  18. You have a lovely blog and I did not know where to start reading!
    The pics are stunning!
    I have lovely memories of MP, a friend's mom used to give us Idli/ MP when we ( a hungry pack of teens) descended on her!
    Ur lovely post brought back that memory :)


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