Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saffron Infused Apple Chai

If you check the archives of my blog, I must have said some zillion times " I love summer " Well, I really do, I love sunshine and even as the temperatures rise to unbelievable heights, I never complain, ahem! well not as much as I complain about the sub zeros. Summer is all about ice-cold beverages and the supply in plenty. I have tried so many variations of ice-tea that I can write a book or start a blog - "just chai" as the caption. Well, not a bad idea. I can ask my brother-in law to co-author it with me as he is very well-informed about the history and geography of tea. Intact he makes his tea with a stopwatch, no kidding. Precision during brewing. We all have our obsessions, don't we? This particular crop of tea was gifted to me by him and it is white champagne tea,  first flush, from Darjeeling. It's got a mild aroma, a very delicate flavor  and infuses very well with saffron. It looks gorgeous right. Well the red strands are saffron. You are going to love this simple infusion 

soak the saffron in warm water, so you get a nice rich color

brew the tea for about 2-4 min

strain, add the saffron water, finely chopped apples and honey or sugar


serve chilled.

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