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Peach Sorbet - without an ice cream maker

It's been a quite weekend, last weekend before school starts. I have been having mixed feelings, I am so used to 'finally teen' being home, that it is just hard for me to have her gone for 8 hours. High school now, before you know it it will be four years and she will be off to college. Am going to miss this kid, she's a keeper, such a wise little thing! She has always been like that, even as a first grader, she had called in a family emergency meeting and told us that she does not like her school and wanted to go some other school. Am so glad we listened, we moved her to the  public school, she loved it. Well, am sure I will be sobbing my heart out after four years, but I really don't want to be that parent,  it is very hard then for the kids to move out and find their calling. For now let's see how high school goes, I think it is one of the most beautiful chapters in life. I loved high school and made some great friends and have still kept in touch with them.

The above picture of the sorbet has 'finally teen' modeling for me. I posted this on a photography forum and was asked to find a different 'hand model' someone with fancy nails... 'finally teen' was quite offended.  I love this picture, the nails are not perfectly manicured and painted to match the food, but it is real. Well, isn't that what our blogs are about? We eat the food we photograph and we manage with the limited resources we have, not all of us have the best lights, well most of us don't, I think none of us have a stylist. Sometimes, I find the commercial food photographs too perfect, almost unreal. Well, it just could be me, 'grapes our sour' maybe I can't click as well as they do. But I do gravitate towards more realistic photographs, that explains why V.K Ress is one of my all time favorite photographers. I would love to hear your thoughts? Do you like realistic or prefer picture perfect meals?

Moving on, I have been planning to get an ice cream maker for a couple of weeks now... Unfortunately,  the only space I have left is the garage;  between my props, gadgets and endless pots and pans, I have almost taken over half of the house. The reason I say almost and half is because my other half has his hobbies and his wood cutting machines, his soldering iron and endless tools from home depot have taken over the other half. To top it our teen is a lover of books... does that say it all ? I have to find a place to keep my ice cream maker, before I get it. I just hate counter clutter, so that is ruled out. Before summer went by, I just had to post something frozen, I thought sorbet was the easiest bet and then I saw a great sorbet recipe on Neel's site. Well, he used an ice cream maker, so a little google search brought me here and that is how I got my frozen dessert

For the sorbet 
4-5 large juicy peaches
juice of half a lime
3-4 tbs sugar or  honey ( super fine sugar) 
1 tbsp vodka (optional) - makes for softer freezing 

Neel added champagne to his peach,  brilliant right. 

 I think this sorbet  was great tasting but I must add that a sorbet made without an ice-cream maker is great but it can never be replaced by texture created by the churning process. (justification for an ice cream maker. ahem!)

You can either make the sorbet with the skin, like I did, love the color. If you prefer a smoother color, you can remove the skin. 

Pit the peaches and cut into cubes, place inside the ziplock, squeeze lime juice, add the sugar. Toss the peaches, so it is mixed well. Freeze for about  2 hours, it will be easier to blend. Make sure the peaches are not completely frozen, before you blend. 

Now blend the semi-frozen peaches in a food processor, add 1 or 2 tsp of water if needed. Fold in the vodka. Freeze for about, 3-4 hours in an airtight container. 

Serve chilled. If you do need to serve the next day, make sure you remove it from the freezer about 10-15 min before serving. 

I have asian basil on the sorbet, someone in one of the forums thought it lettuce, so I do feel the need to specify that it is not lettuce but basil which is used in a lot of dessert preparations. 

I just had to share a few click from my garden...

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  1. Awesome pics of both the shorbet as well as the flowers.

  2. You never failed to drool me everytime i came here, such a beautiful and fantastic sorbet.

  3. This peach sorbet sounds awesome! These pictures are phenomenal!
    Shashi @

  4. Beautiful Simi! I love the colour of the sorbet, so pretty. Well, I put both my ice cream bowls in the freezer with great intentions and I have yet to use either one to produce any frozen treat! Terrible waste, I know! But, I will make something before the summer is out!
    I love your photo of the sorbet on the cast iron pan! Lovely contradiction!


    1. Nazneen am glad you like the contradiction... I was trying to do something different, experiment in my photography, was not sure how the outcome would be. Am really happy with the results. Thanks for taking the time to let me know, means a lot to me.

  5. Why does anyone get to decide what your pictures need to be like. I'd just flip those people a finger! Your pics are beautiful and so is your daughter and so is that sorbet! :)
    I have an ice cream maker since last summer and I've never used it.

    1. Archana : thank you so much for the comment :) To be fair to the comment on my photograph, I need to clarify that, I posted the picture in a forum which does photo critique, in-fact i have learnt a lot from all the encouragement and critique over the last few months. Am fine with the critique, and actually do not mind, unless someone is being rude or trying to needle. I was trying to share my opinion about product photography ( picture perfect) vs editorial, which is more artistic, through the comment. Thanks ! feels great to have all the support from the community !
      And yes am emailing you my mailing address you can mail me the ice-cream maker. ( just kidding ) !

  6. OMG.. They look awesome.. How come these photograph could ever receive a negative critique?.. For me it is picture perfect and more natural because of which I feel they are the best!

  7. so beautiful.. so creamy sorbet.. I love peach flavour..

  8. You've kept it real with the pictures and your feelings. I am so glad you uploaded this, no one has the right to be mean, chuck them out of your thoughts...
    Now to the recipe, love it. I don't own a icecream maker and I always make it like you did here..
    All the best to your daughter, omggg, I totally totally understand your feelings, my boys will be off to school in a week and I am already lost:(...let's all support each other:)..

    1. Asha, thank you so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

      All the best for the new school year.

  9. Referring to photography preferences, I think I'm beginning to like more realistic depictions... there is definitely charm to the picture-perfect styling, but sometimes the realism tells a story which can be far more interesting. Anyway, what a beautiful post this is! I'm always looking for recipes sans ice cream makers, so it's perfect :) The champagne is a brilliant touch.

    1. Thank you Irina, I agree with you about the story, realistic style nerrates

  10. Since I don't have an ice cream maker either this sounds perfect to me. I love your pictures.

  11. ooh..we too have too much in common here, Simi..well, my eldest is not even a teen..he is just 8 yrs actually, but still i alreay think of him leaving us to go to college !!..haa haa..anyways, i know, that a long, i am fine..and the picture, me , its just soo cute, the innocence of the as-is fingers is soo evident! andas was mentioned, the sorbet n cast-iron setting..that is indeed a thought outside the box :)


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