Friday, June 20, 2014

Mango ginger lemonade

We were at the grocery store and finally teen picked up a bottle of mango lemonade, I said, we can make this at home…,”it’s not the same” was her response. At first I said fine and we got the lemonade and moved on,  as we sat in the car I asked her, Why not…! “It will not taste like this, this is so yummy.” Well,  this to me is an open challenge. Lol! jokes apart, I did make my own version of lemonade. Made from real lemons and mangoes. No guesses for which one was guzzled,  the branded is still in the refrigerator and am very sure it will be enjoyed and it does have a longer shelf life. But I was told mine had a richer, color, flavor and more body from the mango. We all agreed that made from fresh ingredients is always a winner hands down. Did I say I just loved the bright color. 

Am so glad we bought the mango lemonade, I would have never thought of trying this, it’s definitely on my menu for the next outdoor party. I love sipping lemonade, green teas and prefer to make my own. My latest passion is  genmaicha - Japanese green tea. Am going to be posting a fruity chilled version of that soon, still trying to perfect the recipe. I can guzzle gallons of it, and it is great for your skin, so am really not complaining. 

My Raspberry sangria got featured on Brit + Co, some amazing cocktails to enjoy at the pool side, you might want to check it out.  I love pool parties but unfortunately I cannot swim, but I can surely enjoy the cocktails. ;)

Thanks to Daily Meal for featuring my strawberry shortcake in a shot glass, again many versions of shortcake in that post too. 

I must warn you that this is a picture heavy post, got kind of carried away with the lovely colors. 

Lemonade, Mango lemonade, Mango ginger lemonade, recipe, fresh lemonade

Flower, lemonade, spring

1 cup mango pulp (fresh or tinned). Blend it into smooth paste, remove all fiber by straining.
1/4 cup plus a tbsp of lemon juice (fresh)
3/4 cup sugar dissolved  in 2 cups of water
2 tbsp fresh ginger juice strained
pinch of salt
fresh mint leaves crushed
pinch of salt
tons of ice

Mix all the above, check sugar and add more if you need, I usually add less sugar .
Lemonade, Mango lemonade, Mango ginger lemonade, recipe, fresh lemonade

Lemonade, Mango lemonade, Mango ginger lemonade, recipe, fresh lemonade

Pina-colada sorbet 
Raspberry Sangria 

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  1. The pictures are swoon worthy! There's nothing like homemade lemonade :-)

  2. Refreshing !
    You give me an idea to make it too:) have got tins of mango pulp stocked!

  3. That looks delicious! Love the flavors in here, they are perfect!

  4. Awesome pics of the lemonade Simi. In FB too your pics are noteworthy. Could you please tell what type of lens you use to bring life to your pics?

    1. Thanks Deepa. I use 50mm lens on most of my food images.

  5. Delightful! I would love a large glass!

  6. Love the board and the snaps Simi!!! So vibrant and tempting. The snapdragon fitted well there.

    When it comes to buying things from the store, I too discourage my kids by saying 'we can make this @ home'..Lol ...

  7. Tempting clicks Simi!! Perfect drink for hot summer...

  8. A delightful drink! So refreshing and fruity.

    Lovely shots - especially the one of the lemons.



  9. Such beautiful pics,.I cant take eyes off the screen... Lovely Simi!!


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