Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer coolers : Watermelon n’ wine sangria or Virgin watermelon ginger ale

#WatermelonSangria, #WatermelonGingerAle, #SummerCooler, # WaterMelonDrink, #Recipe

As I rolled out of bed, I peeked outside though the windows, something I always do, even before I began to chase light as a photographer. I love this time of the day as the dawn is breaking and light brings to life everything around it. 

After my morning rituals, I sat down, I saw the watermelon by the kitchen door, screaming for my  attention, there was no way I could fit this huge thing into the refrigerator. It was way to early for my favorite watermelon sangria. I juiced half the melon  and made some watermelon ginger ale. Left the other half to make the sangria.  I finally sat down, looked outside to see the most glorious light, playing hide and seek between the clouds. I threw my flip-flops by the door and walked into the grass as it kissed my feet, the grass was still wet from the heavy dew or maybe it rained last night, whatever it was, it felt so good. I saw a few amber leaves on the grass, fall is right around the corner, I thought to myself. 

Fall is the most magical time of the year, the light has a golden hue, everything seems like it’s drenched in a light film of gleaming gold, almost surreal. As I turned around with my thoughts, I saw the most beautiful light falling through the tress, it was a bit cloudy so the light was perfectly diffused and it gleamed on the grass. The photographer in me was restless to capture. I laid down the scarf I was wearing, got some books I was skimming through the night before and styled my drink with some fresh mint from the garden. I saw through the viewfinder, the light embracing the drink…I press the shutter, took a deep breath, that moment felt more real than my existence. 

#WatermelonSangria, #WatermelonGingerAle, #SummerCooler, # WaterMelonDrink, #Recipe

#WatermelonSangria, #WatermelonGingerAle, #SummerCooler, # WaterMelonDrink, #Recipe

Of everything I cook and bake,  cocktails are my all time favorite,  not because of the intoxication factor ( I hardly drink). More so because I feel like an alchemist, something mystic about colored liquids in beautiful glistering glasses. The possibilities are endless.

Watermelon n’ wine sangria

6 cups watermelon cubed
4 tbsp sugar ( more if the watermelon is not sweet)
1 cup club soda
1 bottle of pink wine or white wine
1 cup Raspberries n blue berries (frozen) optional I did not add the berries as I did not have it and the color was too perfect for any additives.
Mint leaves for serving

Cube the melons and blend it in a blender till nice and smooth without chunks ( I did not strain it, as I love the consistency as is)

Add the frozen  berries in a jar, this is optional, I did not so that as I love the color of the melon with pink wine.

Pour in chilled pink wine, club soda and sugar.

Serve chilled with mint leaves.

Virgin watermelon ginger ale 

4cups cubed watermelon
4tbsp sugar
2 cup club soda
6 tbsp ginger juice
1/2 tsp salt
mint leaves for serving

Cube the melons and blend it in a blender till nice and smooth without chunks ( I did not strain it, as I love the consistency as is)

Grate the ginger and get the juice out.

Mix, shake and serve chilled.

#WatermelonSangria, #WatermelonGingerAle, #SummerCooler, # WaterMelonDrink, #Recipe

#WatermelonSangria, #WatermelonGingerAle, #SummerCooler, # WaterMelonDrink, #Recipe

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  1. Colourful and refreshing cooler. Wonderfully prepared.

  2. I'm super lazy in making comments even on my favorite blogs. But I'm madly, deeply, truly in love with your photography and fresh vegetarian stuff. And I will be. For ever.

  3. Lovely shots and delicious cooler 8so refreshing too)!



  4. Wonderful shoots. Kind of Poetic looking--- I am a big Sangria fan. They are soooooo refreshing. And in this case down right gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful photos.. can't wait for the weather to warm up here so I can create this delicious and refreshing cooler recipe!


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