Monday, September 8, 2014

Wild Black Rice n’ Pumpkin Masala

Browsing through the grain section of the grocery store, my eyes fell on long shiny black rice, that was labeled wild rice. I was drawn to it like an artist is drawn to paint. I felt it with my hands, it was slippery and shiny and had extremely long grains, for a minute it looked too perfect, as though it was pieces of ebony that were hand polished. It made it’s way home with me and it lay on the pantry shelf for weeks. I was beginning to get skeptical, even thou I cook brown rice but my true love is pure white basmati:long aromatic grains of rice. A girl who likes her rice pure white, has here in her hand deep black shiny rice. Being attracted to black shiny long grains is one thing, eating it is another.

I took the plunge and put out some water to boil. Waited for 20 minutes, it smelled nothing like white rice. Very, very strong nutty aroma, and when I say strong, I mean really very strong. Something, told me this was not for me, with lot of inner courage I tasted the almost raw rice that was boiling away on the gas stove, I loved the crunch. First there was a crunch then a bit soft…. The aroma of the rice boiling in the water, grew on me, but definitely not my favorite. The taste: I really liked. It sat on the gas stove for 40 minutes, and barely cooked. Out came the pressure cooker and in went the rice - 3 whistles later there was nutty, aroma-less black rice. It’s has a strong flavor, so for me it is definitely not the main ingredient in the dish.  It really pairs well with pumpkin and together they can make a great tasting side. One cups makes almost two and a half cups, so keep that in mind when you cook it. 

#BlackWildRice #PumpkinNWildRice #Recipe #MasalaWildRice
#BlackWildRice #PumpkinNWildRice #Recipe #MasalaWildRice

#BlackWildRice #PumpkinNWildRice #Recipe #MasalaWildRice

1cup cooked black wild rice
4 cups of carrots, pumpkin and red onions chopped in medium sized chunks. ( it will reduce to half)
1 pomegranate kernels
3tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp ginger juice ( optional)
1 tbsp lime juice
1-2 tsp garam masala
1 tsp red chili flakes ( optional)
1tsp pepper
salt to taste

Cook the rice in the pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles. ( Add any amount of water, this rice does not mush, so you can drain the excess water) drain the rice.

Heat over to 450F. In a baking tray add the chopped veggies, pour the olive oil, add salt and pepper and let it roast for 7-8 min, then stir them around and roast for another 5-6 min or till it is roasted well, but not burnt.

In a big bowl, add the coked rice, roasted veggies and ginger and lime juice, garam masala and chili flakes. Add juice of 1/2 lime.

Garnish with cilantro and pomegranate and serve.

A small bowl goes a long way, it is very filling.

#BlackWildRice #PumpkinNWildRice #Recipe #MasalaWildRice
#BlackWildRice #PumpkinNWildRice #Recipe #MasalaWildRice

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  1. I have never eaten black rice. I am astonished how dramatic this dish looks. You did a great photo job. I had to pin it.

  2. wow! very healthy salad.. I cannot take eyes off the pics Simi super!

  3. wow what a combo and love the clicks as always

  4. Delicious and colourful looking pumpkin masala. Wonderfully prepared.

  5. A fabulous fall dish and gorgeous pictures (what delightful light)!



  6. Cant find enough words to praise the recipe and the photography. Damn good

  7. Wow the colours in this dish are incredible! I love cooking with black rice and definitely will be recreating this recipe.


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