Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Roundup

#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats
It is that time of the year when you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen. The gorgeous smell of baking and the cold snow outside….it’s just so romantic. Can an aroma be gorgeous, I don’t see why not. I still have to start thinking what to bake this year, I have bookmarked some cookies, let’s see if am able to photograph anything at all with the holiday frenzy. I am sure there will be cookies, a cake and panna cotta, mulled wine goes without saying…Am planning to skip making a meal, this could be it - all dessert meal: a new family tradition :)) A ten course dessert, am sure if my teen reads this she is going to hold me accountable. She loves desserts and will embrace the idea, I am not sure about hubster, he might go on a frenzy - he takes his meals very seriously and is looking forward to a good Christmas spread. But you do have to admit, “ desserts for meal” is a great idea. 

Any case if you are in a situation like mine and are still planning your menu, here is my recommendations for cakes. 

I almost forgot my ALL time favorite - Battenburg ( it’s a very old image - don’t judge people)
#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats
Now, if cakes are not your thing, I don’t relate to it but I’ll try Lol! Custards, panna cotta and gooey juicy desserts are what you prefer, here is what I recommend. In the eggnog pannacotta you can add chocolate liquor and make it a bit boozy, or I have Butterscotch pots de Crème which has scotch. 

#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats

Keep going I have cookies and more….

#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats

Here is my cookie line up for some ideas 

#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats

#HolidayRecipes #HolidayBaking #HolidayCakes #HolidayTreats

Mulled wine 
Pomegranate, cranberry and ginger spitzer
Watermelon sangria 
Rose Lassi 
Mango Ginger lemonade 
Raspberry Sangria 

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  1. A wonderful roundup! Everything loooks so delicious.



  2. I fully support your 'dessert for a meal' idea. I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever!
    Gorgeous pics.....Happy holidays!

  3. Goodness that was quite an impressive round-up. I had to pin several of them. I think the ginger caramel tiramisu cake rang my chimes the most insistently. Happy Holidays to you!!!!!


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